Valetics Academy Webinar

October 23, 2022

Valetics NEXT WEBINAR  will take place on October 23rd 2022 at 10 AM (US EST) / 16 PM (Europe CEST)

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Valetics was born two years ago to provide soccer opportunities for young athletes from all over the world.

                • Want to take your abilities to the next level?
                • Is soccer your passion as well?
                • Are you thinking about taking a Gap Year in Spain?
                • Are you looking for new opportunities in European football?
                • Are you planning to play professional football?
                • Are you looking for a college soccer scholarship?

If your answer is YES for any of these questions, WE ARE here for you!

During the webinar our founder, Carlos Perales will be talking about the following aspects:

  • Why Valetics Academy?
  • A day in our Academy
  • Valetics Methodology
    • Coaching Staff
    • Local Team Placement
    • Small Group Sessions 
    • Personal Training Program 
    • Video – Analysis 
  • Partners
  • Educational options
  • Residential options
  • Prices

What is Valetics Academy?


Valetics Academy is a soccer program based at Valencia, Spain that bridges the gap between elite soccer and studies.

Our program provides athletes the opportunity to train and play in a high performance soccer environment whlist studying remotely following US educational standards and learning Spanish in one of the best academies in Valencia.



  • Elite soccer training and regular competition against local teams
  • Twice daily individual and team technical and tactical session
  • Quality & experienced coaching staff
  • Video analysis sessions
  • Webinar sessions with active professional soccer players parterned with Valetics



  • Online studies following US educational standards via Washington Academy
  • Intensive Spanish lenguage courses with Hispania Escuela de Español

Want to feel like an Academy player for 10 days?

We have created a new program for all the players out there that are guessing how to be a Valetics Academy player. 

If you are about to apply to our full year program but want to try how your life would be in Spain, NOW you can do it for ten days! 

Come anytime from September 1st to May 20th, we´ll be happy to have you!

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23rd October 2022

10 AM (US EST) / 16 PM (Europe CEST)

Get the chance to know the Academy and ask your questions to the Valetics founder, Carlos Perales