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at Valetics Football Academy in Spain

Valetics International Football Academy: Where Dreams and Ambition Meet Excellence

At Valetics, we understand that the journey to football excellence is filled with passion, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of greatness. Located in the heart of Valencia, Spain, our academy is more than just a training ground; it’s a place where ambitious talents are transformed into tomorrow’s football stars.

Here, you’re not just training; you’re embarking on a journey to elevate your game to international standards. Our comprehensive program, led by world-class coaches, is meticulously designed to refine your skills, enhance your tactical understanding, and prepare you physically and mentally for the professional stage.

Join us at Valetics, where your potential is limitless, and your dreams of playing at the highest levels of football are within reach.

Why Spain is the right place for football?


Emphasis on Technical Skills

Spanish football culture prioritizes technical skill development over physical attributes, focusing on ball control, accurate passing, dribbling, and spatial awareness​​.

World-Class Youth Academies

Acclaimed academies like FC Barcelona’s La Masia and Real Madrid’s La Fábrica are renowned for producing top-tier football talent, emphasizing skillful play and technical abilities​​.

High-Level Competition

Spain’s competitive football environment attracts some of the world’s top young players, providing a challenging atmosphere that fosters player improvement and development​​

Professional Opportunities

The presence of globally recognized clubs like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Valencia CF in Spain provides young players with significant opportunities to be scouted and potentially join these prestigious teams​​.

Tactical Innovation

Spain is known for its tactical innovation in football, particularly the ‘tiki-taka’ style of play, which emphasizes quick, short passes and teamwork, contributing significantly to the country’s football success​​.

What is Valetics Footbal Academy about?

UEFA - A Coaches

Learn and develop under the guidance of experienced UEFA – A coaches.

communication in football

Training Groups

Receive personalized attention and training in small groups, ensuring optimal learning and development.

Video Analisis

Gain deeper insights into your game with detailed video analysis focusing on tactical and technical aspects.

football match in academy in spain

Game Experience

Test your skills against high-level teams in the Valencian leagues and showcase your talent to top coaches and scouts in the region.

Why Valetics Football academy is the best choice?

1.Elite Training Football Program

We offer a well-rounded program that combines tactical, technical, and physical training, tailored to meet each player’s unique needs.

2.World-Class Coaching.

The academy boasts a team of experienced coaches who have a background in professional soccer, ensuring high-quality training and mentorship.

3.Professional Exposure.

Placement in Spanish teams and regular competition in local leagues provide valuable exposure and real-world experience in European football.

4.High-Performance Environment.

The academy’s state-of-the-art facilities and competitive atmosphere provide an ideal setting for players to push their limits and thrive.

5.Personalized Attention.

With small group sessions, players receive individualized attention, allowing for more focused and effective skill development.

6.Educational Opportunities

Beyond football, Valetics emphasizes the importance of education, offering Spanish language courses and the possibility of pursuing high school or university studies.

Who is Valetics Winter Camp For?


Valetics Winter Camp is the go-to destination for young, passionate soccer enthusiasts from 14 to 18 years old, who are ready to elevate their game and experience the world of professional soccer!

🏆 Aspiring Prodigies: If you’re ambitious and see yourself playing at a professional level, this camp is your gateway to learning from the best and experiencing the extraordinary.

⚽ Passionate Ballers: Live and breathe soccer? Valetics is for those who want to master every kick and every strategy, all while immersing themselves in the beautiful game.

💪 Driven Competitors:Fueled by challenges and strive to be your best? Valetics provides the platform to test, learn, and excel against top-level teams.

🌐 Global Explorers:Excited about new cultures and making international friends? Experience a blend of soccer and cultural enrichment in the vibrant city of Valencia!

What ‘s included? 


Comfortable and secure accommodation ensures a restful stay.


Nutritious and delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner to keep you energized.

Field Sessions

Intensive training sessions with our expert coaches to hone your skills.

Video-Sessions Class

Insightful classes about the game, enhancing your tactical and technical understanding.

Local leagues footbal Games

Opportunities to apply your skills in real-game situations against competent teams.

Gym Sessions:

Structured workouts with our trainers to improve your physical condition.

Local Activities

Explore the beautiful city of Valencia and immerse yourself in its rich culture.

Who´s the coaching staff?

Carlos Perales

CEO & Co-Founder

David Belda

UEFA - A Head Coach

Javi Vila

Athletic Director

Guillermo Bonany

UEFA B Football Analyst

What our players say about the Valetics Experience?

«Valetics elevated my skills and tactical understanding. The competitive environment and cultural immersion in Spain were incredible. I’m now more prepared for professional football.»

Jhony Kid

«My experience at Valetics was transformative. The combination of top-notch training and education has made me a better player and person. Living and learning in Valencia was unforgettable.»

David Beckan

«Valetics was a game-changer for me. The focus on all aspects of development, including mental toughness, has readied me for a professional career. The cultural experiences and friendships I gained are invaluable.»

Gonzalo Higuain

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to solve any doubt you may have.

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